Biography of D. J. Connolly


     Denis J. Connolly was employed, as a research engineer and middle manager, at NASA's Glenn Research Center from 1961 to 1997.  He received a Ph. D. in engineering from Case Western Reserve University in 1971.  During his NASA career Connolly authored a long list of space science and engineering papers which were published in various technical media.

     Several decades of observation and analysis had made Mr. Connolly aware of a dirty little secret.  Our political class has long been working a scam to shift legislative power from bodies elected by "We the People" to our unaccountable legal aristocracy.  So, in early 1997, Connolly decided to retire from his career in the physical sciences and write a book exposing the dirty little secret.  He's been seeking out material, writing, and revising ever since.  His three non-fiction books describing the scam are available in both paperback and's Kindle format.

     Connolly also maintains web pages which feature various chapters in the current version.  Aging rocket scientists need to do something to retard mental decay.

     Blowing the whistle on America's oldest and most successful organized crime syndicate is hard and stressful work.  During his long and frequent vacations Connolly writes fiction.  His novel, "The Prettiest Snake in Hell" is also available in both paperback and's Kindle format  




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